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            " is a free web portal that is used with many platforms, TV's, internet radios, and also TuneIn's own proprietary mobile apps." 

            Using the TuneIn Favorites menu, it is possible to add our custom URLs so that they will appear on your device's TuneIn application.

            Setup Instructions for Calm Radio Members

            Step 1

            1. First, visit the My Account menu on the website
            2. Choose the "My Internet Radio URLs" option from the side left menu
            3. Select View Full Table
            4. Choose either Port 80 URLs (preferred) or Direct URLs and look for your Internet Radio's brand name
            5. Download or email the URLs you will need to enter into your favorites of your account.

            Step 2

            1. Log in or create a account.
            2. Once created, click on the "My Profile" menu on the top right of the TuneIn website
            3. On the next page, on the left side under "My Library", click the "Custom URL" button
            4. Add the name of your new channel....for example, CALM RADIO - SOLO PIANO
            5. Paste the Solo Piano URL into the "What is the URL" box
            6. Click "Accept"
            7. Your new channel will now show up in your device or app's Favorites menu
            8. Please note: For some devices like Android, you may need to purchase TuneIn Pro for a nominal fee.

            Step 3

            Step 4

            Updated: 24 Mar 2017 08:26 AM
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