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            My Account

            MY ACCOUNT

            "The My Account menu is your go-to menu for getting information on your membership, changing password, updating your credit card, downloading URLs for internet radios...and even changing your profile picture!"

            Edit Profile

            Here is where you can update:

            • - Profile photo. Go ahead and make your own avatar or your's up to you. Have fun!
            • - Update your name, address and email address
            • - Connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts

            Password Manager

            With all the usernames and passwords these days, it's easy to get forget. We're here to help!

            • - You can change your password at any time in the My Account menu. Please note: changing your password will affect your previously downloaded Internet Radio URLs
            • - As an easy reminder, we immediately sent you your login details by email the first time only. Check your email inbox and junk folder and search for "Calm Radio Username"
            • - Make sure you connected to the internet. Try any other website to be sure.
            • - To retrieve your login details, simply click or

            "When joining Calm Radio, please avoid any important financial or banking passwords. Use a new original username and password."

            Credit Card Update

            Changing your credit card information is easy.

            • - Visit the My Account menu
            • - Look for the Update Credit Card menu

            "Your credit card data is never stored by Calm Radio and cannot be seen by us. It is safely processed by our bank's merchant gateway. Any security information on our site is encrypted using the highest 256 bit SSL encryption."

            My Subscriptions

            The My Subscriptions menu is where you can see any existing and past purchases and cancel recurring payment profiles.

              Recurring Billing

              All Monthly, Yearly and Two-Year memberships are entered into convenient, automatic recurring billing.

              • - You can opt-out at any time by visiting the My Account menu
              • - Look for the My Subscriptions menu
              • - Select the "Cancel Recurring Profile" button
              • - Your membership will no longer renew but will continue to be active until it expires.
              • - You can also send us an email to and we will cancel your recurring billing for you

              Member Benefits

              Listening is free with Calm Radio but is ad-supported. A Premium membership comes with many goodies.

              • - No Commercial interruptions. No Ads
              • - Unlimited listening, no timeouts
              • - HD 320k streaming audio quality
              • - Song Skips
              • - Unlimited devices, one device at a time (unless you purchased an extended membership... like Me + 3)
              • - Create Multimixes with up to three additional Atmosphere channels.
              • - Longer playlists
              • - Internet Radio URLs for all channels, all bitrates

              Internet Radio URLs

              For all our members with internet radios, we provide a complete download of all our channels URLs in two types. Direct URLs and Port 80 URLs.

              • - Direct URLs are the most common to use.
              • - Port 80 URLs are needed for listeners behind firewalls, like in banks, hospitals, universities etc.
              • - Your custom URLs are permanent as long as you don't change your password.
              • - Calm Radio offers complete assistance with internet radios.

              Updated: 12 Oct 2017 02:34 AM
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