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            Artist Submissions

            Artist submissions

            For recording artists who would like to submit music to Calm Radio, we welcome your submissions.
            If you feel your music fits into our playlist genres, you may:

            1) Mail your CD's, with shrink wrap removed, to this address:

            Calm Radio
            Attn: Artist Submissions
            1245 Danforth Ave. Suite 2
            Toronto ON, Canada
            M4J 5B5

            (CD's must be marked "Sample" and package must not have a customs value of more than $1)

            2) Send a link to audio files using a file-hosting service like DropBox.

            Audio files must be either high-quality MP3's (320 kbps) or AIFF / WAV. Please be sure to include any associated album artwork with your submission.

            Send the link to your audio files and artwork to

            A few tips:

            - Highlight what genre(s) your music relates to 
            - Highlight tracks if any that are standout
            - Specify if your music is vocal free or contains vocals (which tracks)
            - Clearly label contact info/ website
            - Provide or link to artwork that are 600 x 600 
            - Ensure that the meta data is embedded in your CDs or MP3s, i.e. > name of track <  not "Track 1" ( if we have to do alot of work to add your info, in other languages especially it's not likely we'll use it)

            Thanks for taking the time to send to us, we appreciate it! 

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 04:39 AM
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