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            "The design behind all my latest Apple apps feature our advanced MultiMix technology and include background videos not found anywhere."- Eric Harry

            Calm Radio's New iOS App Features

            • - Add up to 3 additional Atmosphere channels to create your own MultiMix
            • - Choose stunning background videos
            • - Track skipping
            • - AirPlay
            • - Chromecast
            • - Accessibility for visually-impaired
            • - Sleep timer
            • - HD 320K audio
            • - Available for iOS 9.1 and above

            iOS App Quickstart

            • Download our free Apple iOS app from the Apple App Store (search for "Calm Radio")
            • - After the app has fully downloaded, select and open the blue icon on your device's Home screen
            • - You now have two options, Member Login or Register Free. Click Member Login if you already have a username and password, or Register Free to register for a free account
            • - Next, swipe up or down to see available categories, and swipe left or right to view available channels
            • - Select any channel to start playing
            • - You will now be taken to the Now Playing view. You can tap the album cover to see the song information at any time.

            Adding Atmospheres

            When you press the "+" icon, you can add an Atmosphere channel, to enhance your music track and create a Multimix

            Background Videos

            This feature allows you to set the background with a wide array of stunning videos while you play.

            Settings Menu

            Various Settings are found here. Like audio quality choices, port 80 switch and log in.

            Broadcast Function

            In the Broadcast menu icon, you will find any in-range Airplay-enabled devices or Chromecast-enabled devices. You can then send the audio output to any of the enabled devices.


            Similar to using Bluetooth, Airplay will connect any Airplay-enabled devices when in-range.

            For using Airplay, please visit our Airplay support page here: AIRPLAY

            Using Chromecast

            Our Calm Radio app is also equipped to be compatible with Chromecast. Once Chromecast is installed on your phone / tablet, and the Chromecast dobgle is plugged into the back of your TV, you can stream from our app to your TV by simply selecting the Chromecast icon in our app.

            Our Chromecast-enabled apps feature a collection of stunning background videos to choose from while you listen

            For more information on setting up Chromecast, please visit our Chromecast support page here


            Stream Dropout

            If your device is losing connectivity due to either:

            • 1- inconsistent or slow wifi / data
            • 2- mobile signal is switching between towers
            • 3 - mobile data is switching between 3G and 4G

            We highly recommend you enter the Calm Radio app's Settings menu and reduce the audio quality setting to either Normal or Mobile

            Soft Reset

            If you phone or app has for any reason stopped working or is frozen, it is advisable to perform a soft reset of your device. This is a safe and harmless procedure and will not result in loss of any data.

            To force restart your device, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

            Closing Background Apps

            Your device may have too many applications open in the background memory which can cause your device to stall or slow down resulting in poor performance. Close as many apps as possible if your device response is slow.

            View Open Apps. Double-click the Home button to reveal your open apps. Swipe sideways to see more. To switch to another app, tap it. On iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, press the left edge of the screen, then swipe right to switch apps.

            Close an app. If an app isn’t working properly, you can force it to quit. Swipe the app up from the app switcher display. Then try opening the app again.

            Here is a helpful YouTube video that shows you how to remove running apps:

            Update your iOS

            Your Apple device should always be up to date. For many reasons like security, new features, you should always check and perform requested iOS updates.

            Reinstalling the Calm Radio App

            If in doubt, delete the Calm Radio app by pressing and holding the app icon for 2 seconds then deleting. Reinstall your app directly from the App Store.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2017 03:05 AM
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