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            Stream Dropouts

            If your device is losing connectivity due to either:

            • - Inconsistent or slow WiFi / data
            • - Mobile signal is switching between towers
            • - Mobile data is switching between 3G and 4G

            We highly recommend you enter the Calm Radio app's Settings menu and reduce the audio quality setting to either Normal or Mobile

            Settings Menu

            The Calm Radio Android app's Settings menu comprises these functions:

            Stream speed

            This switchable setting changes the bitrate and bandwidth of the chosen music or Atmosphere channel. If you experience stream dropouts while driving for example, you might try and change this setting to "Mobile". Please experiment to find which setting is best for you according to your internet download speed.

            WiFi-only or Any Network

            When Wifi-only is selected, the app will only stream using the nearest available WiFi signal, and will never use your phone or tablet's data. If Any Network is selected, then either WiFi or your device's data will be accessed, with a priority given to WiFi.

            Re-installing Your App

            It may be occasionally necessary to re-install your Calm Radio Android app. To re-install your app:

            1. Delete your existing Calm Radio app by opening your phone's Settings app
            2. Look for "Application Manager"
            3. Look for Calm Radio
            4. Select "Uninstall"
            5. Visit the Play Store app on your device, and search for "Calm Radio"

            Closing Background Apps

            Your device may have too many applications open in the background memory which can cause your device to stall or slow down, resulting in poor performance. Close as many apps as possible if your device response is slow.

            View Open Apps. Double-click on the left of the Home button to reveal your open apps. This will reveal all the application you have previously opened.

            Close an app. You can remove individual applications from the background memory, or select "Close All" to remove all open applications from memory. This is a safe procedure and will not result in losing installed apps.

            Updated: 22 Mar 2017 04:52 AM
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