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            Using Calm Radio on Amazon TV Fire Stick

            "Amazon TV Fire Stick is a great way to listen to Calm Radio on your TV. Simply install the Fire Stick, add our Calm Radio Fire TV app from the Amazon App Store and play."

            Instructions on installing Amazon TV Fire Stick

              Connecting to WiFi

              If you are traveling or using a Wi-Fi connection that requires a web browser to sign in, you can still connect your Amazon Fire TV device.

              1. From the Home screen, select Settings > System > Wi-Fi.
              2. under Available Networks, select the public Wi-Fi network. For networks that require a web page to log in, a browser window will pop up after several seconds.

              3. Note: In the browser pop-up, you can only access the sign in page for the public Wi-Fi network.

              4. Follow the onscreen instructions to use your Amazon remote to select input fields. Press the Menu Menu Button
			  button to enter cursor mode to select links or input fields. An onscreen keyboard will pop up for text fields.
              5. Enter in the required information. This could be a pre-shared password, room number, or just a button to accept conditions for using the network. Contact the network owner for more information.
              6. After your device connects to the network, the browser window closes automatically.

                Getting Started

              1. Amazon account - You need an Amazon account to access movies, TV shows, games, music, and apps on Fire TV Stick.
              2. Wireless Internet Connection (not included) - You need a wireless connection to buy, download, and stream content on Fire TV Stick.
              3. High-definition TV (not included)- Fire TV Stick is compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI ports.
              4. Fire TV Stick equipment

              Setting up a wired or wireless connection

            1. For optimal wireless performance, do not place your Amazon Fire TV in an enclosed cabinet, as it impacts signal strength to the device, remote, and game controllers.
            2. For Amazon Fire TV, if you are switching from a wired to a wireless connection, disconnect the Ethernet cable from your Amazon Fire TV device before switching to a wireless connection.
            3. For Fire TV Stick, use the HDMI extender if your Fire TV Stick is blocked by an object that may impact signal strength to the device, remote, and game controllers.

            Wireless Network Connection:

          • From the Home screen, select Settings > System > Wi-Fi. Your Amazon Fire TV device automatically detects nearby Wi-Fi networks that broadcast their network name. Some networks are open for everyone to join, while others require a password to connect.
          • Under Available Networks, select a wireless network and enter the network password (if required) using the onscreen keyboard.You can also use the keyboard in the Fire TV Remote App.
          • Note: If you don’t see your desired network, scroll down and select Join Other Network or Rescan.

          • After you connect to a wireless network, press the Home Home Button
				   button to display the Home screen.
          • Wired Cable Connection (Amazon Fire TV only):

          • Connect one end of an Ethernet cable (not included) to the back of your Amazon Fire TV, and then connect the other end to your router.
          • From the Home screen, select Settings > System. Next to Network, you will see Wired.
          • After you connect to a wired network, press the Home Home Button
				   button to display the Home screen.
          • Downloading Calm Radio's app

            Simply search "Calm Radio Fire TV app" in the Amazon App Store

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